Discover our wide range of products!

Discover our wide range of products!

Best Feed.

We base our recipes on the diversity of natural quail and chicken nutrition - for species-appropriate and natural quail and chicken farming!

🧡 Species-appropriate feed for quails and chickens

🧡 Without genetic engineering, palm oil or artificial colourings

🧡 Developed by experts over many years

🧡 Made in Germany with the finest ingredients

Best Snacks.

Our snacks offer quails and chickens species-appropriate variety and activity. At the same time, they promote the well-being of the animals and strengthen the bond with the owner. 

🧡 Natural snacks for quails and chickens

🧡 Helps combat boredom, encourages movement

🧡 Promotes the bond with the owner

🧡 High quality and best ingredients

Best Supplements.

Wind eggs, parasite infestation, the onset of winter or moulting: with our feed supplements, quail and chicken keepers are prepared for anything.

🧡 Species-appropriate feed supplements for every stage of life 

🧡 Plant power for quick relief

🧡 Prevent deficiency symptoms 

🧡 Optimised for quails and chickens

Incubators from Brinsea.

Whether beginner or professional incubator: Brinsea products impress with their high quality, excellent hatching results and ease of use! We have been using Brinsea incubators successfully for many years and have no hesitation in recommending them to our customers.

🧡 Very high quality for best hatching results

🧡 All incubators contain the Biomaster additive, which reduces the risk of germs by 99.9%

🧡 Wide range of products for beginners to professionals

🧡 We are the exclusive partner for Brinsea in Germany

From PoultryGold® to federgold®.

Same content - new name. We are giving our brand a new look! Behind federgold® is a family business that is run with love and passion. There is no impersonal mass production here: our ideas arise from our daily work with customers and with our animals.

🧡 Wide selection of food, snacks, accessories and more

🧡 Unique products for quail and chicken farmers

🧡 We advise you on which products fit perfectly into your range

🧡 Completely customised solutions are also possible!

Best Accessories.

Everything for the quail and chicken coop: from colourful egg boxes, drinkers and troughs to natural bedding and unique kitchen accessories, every hobby poultry farmer will find everything they need here! We always stay close to our customers and know exactly what they need.

🧡 Drinking troughs and feeding bowls in trendy colours

🧡 Colourful egg cartons for quail and chicken eggs

🧡 Natural, high-quality poultry litter

🧡 Unique, trendy kitchen accessories

Interested in working with us?

Interested in working with us?

Are you interested in working with us and want to sell our products? With pleasure! Our products are perfect for expanding your range for hobby farming, quail farming and poultry farming and perfectly fulfil the wishes of your customers.

Not only do we offer unique products, we also offer fantastic service! With our professional product range advice, we support you in finding the perfect products for your customers. We also offer great seasonal packages and retailer promotions - with all the key products for every occasion. 

We not only deliver throughout Germany, but also beyond. Our food and snacks are characterised by a long shelf life - do you still want to test a specific product for your customers? There is no minimum order quantity with us! Customise the scope of delivery to your individual requirements at any time.

Interested? Feel free to contact us at any time - we will find the perfect offer for everyone!

Your federgold® team

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